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About us

THE LEARNING LIBRARY aims to develop the love of reading and appreciation of the Filipino language among children, which will make them independent and successful learners. We offer English and Filipino programs that help improve comprehension and make learning enjoyable. By developing fundamental skills through enjoyable and accessible literature, we advance independent learning critical to long-term academic success.

  • Literature-based, highly interactive programs anchored on a collection of over 4,000 of the best children’s books
  • Close alignment with your child’s school curriculum to enhance academic performance
  • Detailed pre- and post-assessment of your child’s comprehension and communication skills
  • Excellent, experienced, and passionate teachers helping your children be the best learners they can be

The Learning Library is composed of teachers committed to using expertise and experience to help improve the quality of Philippine education.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How can you help my child become a reader?"
The goal of all reading is comprehension. While teaching young children basic reading skills, we expose them to developmentally-appropriate books through storytelling. This meaningful experience with literature encourages them to learn how to read, and develop a lifelong love of books. Older students are offered many titles with just the right level of difficulty and suited to their interests. By exposing them to greater variety, we increase the chances of discovering books that will convince them that reading is enjoyable and worthwhile.

"My child has difficultly learning Filipino, and does not want to. How do you address this?"
Our levelled program teaches Filipino as a second language. Vocabulary and grammar skills are gradually built through daily exercises, while confidence is developed through continuous speaking in Filipino both at the center and at home. Wika’y Galing! is anchored on Filipino literature and enhances appreciation of Filipino culture: strengthening the child’s sense of identify gives reason to learn the language. Through engaging activities and interaction with other students, learning Filipino can also be fun!

"In essay writing, my child finds it difficult to express his thoughts well. How can you help?"
Good comprehension skills enable critical thinking, which in turn leads to good writing. The Reading Advantage has reading and composition as its dual goal: ultimately, students must be able to express good thought in coherent writing. Because we are a library with thousands of the best children’s books, we use literature that enables higher-level thinking and serves as models for writing. This literature-based approach is recommended and practiced by education experts all over the world.

"Do you offer tutorials for all subjects, aside from enrichment programs?"
Our all-subject tutorials are combined with either The Reading Advantage or Wika’y Galing! Students who come for Test & Homework Help – either 3x a week or 5x a week – enjoy Reading or Filipino enrichment for FREE. We aim to go beyond short-term needs (helping students pass tests); we want to build the most fundamental skills that are critical to long-term academic success. Students who read and write well will excel.

"How do your Reading and Filipino programs work?"
The Reading Advantage and Wika’y Galing! supplement school learning. Worksheets are provided for daily practice of skills, concepts or words learned: these are done either at the center or at home. Older children are exposed to books that they can read independently, then given appropriate exercises to improve both comprehension and composition skills. Students are scheduled to come once or twice a week for teacher instruction. We recommend enrolment for at least one year for skills to be thoroughly developed and to achieve significant, long-lasting gains.

How well does your child read and write for his age? View our reading comprehension and composition standards here.


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"Sa Learning Library ako ay masaya dahil marami akong nababasang aklat. Tinuturuan nila ako magbasa at magmahal ng aklat. Marami na akong nabasa tungkol sa iba’t ibang alamat. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ko gustong gusto ko ang pagbabasa ng libro...."

Jared Villanueva, 10

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