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Ms. Teeny Nolasco

"Sa Learning Library ako ay masaya dahil marami akong nababasang aklat. Tinuturuan nila ako magbasa at magmahal ng aklat. Marami na akong nabasa tungkol sa iba’t ibang alamat. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ko gustong gusto ko ang pagbabasa ng libro...."

Jared Villanueva, 10

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My son, IƱigo, started attending reading and writing classes at The Learning Library a few months before he turned four. I enrolled him there primarily because he did not like to write. After attending classes at The Learning Library twice a week for 2 years, my son's writing greatly improved. Through the aid of creative worksheets, learning became more fun for my son. There were some coloring, cutting and pasting involved in those worksheets which further helped him develop hand motor skills that are necessary for writing. More importanly, The Learning Library also helped my son to learn how to read, starting with the letters of the alphabet then gradually moving on to 2-letter words, to C-V-Cs and to more complex words. Thanks to The Learning Library, my son can now read simple sentences! Also, since The Learning Library also lets the kids borrow books from their collection, my son was introduced to the world of children's books and has developed a fondness for Dr. Seuss books. Now, he also enjoys reading them with me before bedtime. Once again, thanks to The Learning Library and to all my son's former teachers for those memorable 2 years and for instilling in him the importance of learning how to read and write.