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Kathy Cabochan

"Sa Learning Library ako ay masaya dahil marami akong nababasang aklat. Tinuturuan nila ako magbasa at magmahal ng aklat. Marami na akong nabasa tungkol sa iba’t ibang alamat. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ko gustong gusto ko ang pagbabasa ng libro...."

Jared Villanueva, 10

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I enrolled my two girls in The Reading Advantage to help prepare them for big school. Julianna (Age 5) used to have difficulty in blending words. But after only two months, she's more confident and can read a book by herself. Jorgina (Age 4) started with the Getting Ready To Read program. Now she can already read short words. Thanks to the interactive and engaging approach of The Learning Library,reading is a fun and exciting activity for both of them. They will try to read everything and anything, from food labels to street signs.