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Ms. Rosina Zaragoza-Bakunawa

"Sa Learning Library ako ay masaya dahil marami akong nababasang aklat. Tinuturuan nila ako magbasa at magmahal ng aklat. Marami na akong nabasa tungkol sa iba’t ibang alamat. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ko gustong gusto ko ang pagbabasa ng libro...."

Jared Villanueva, 10

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My son Hanzo never liked writing nor did he allow me to sit down with him to teach him the alphabets and its sounds for that matter. My husband and I decided to enroll him in hopes that he would at least be able to recognize the alphabets and we thought everything else will be taught in his classroom. On the first day of his The Learning Library lessons, he was so into writing that he started writing on all the papers he could get his hands on! One month into his enrollment he already knows all the letters and its sounds. He sits himself down on the table to do his homework without even prompting him.  He no longer waits for me to start his assignments either. Needless to say, it was a wonderful decision to enroll my son to The Learning Library as it has benefited him tremendously.  This, partnered with his school activities and curriculum has been rewarding and beneficial for his future applications to bigger schools, and for my son in general.