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The Reading Advantage

Kids who want to learn, learn best. The Learning Library’s unique programs use a highly effective literature-based approach that helps children enjoy learning more and become lifelong learners.

THE READING ADVANTAGE is a complete reading and writing program that culminates in being able to fully comprehend what is read and effectively express thoughts in written form. It begins with developing strong fundamental skills that enable students not only to read words, but understand the meaning of what they read through guidance and practice. By exposing them to the best of children’s literature, they are encouraged to read more, and improve in both comprehension and composition.

Levels 1-3

Getting Ready to Read

This level is for children who are starting to learn their letters and be familiar with the letter sounds. Here, students master all the letter names and sounds through multi-sensory activities, together with proper letter strokes which are done through practice. Phonological and print awareness are targeted to better engage them into learning the letters and prepare them to read.

Levels 4-8

Beginning Reading

Children who are already starting to read but still have difficulty in spelling and fluently saying words are placed in this level. They are taught to decode (read words in isolation), to read connected texts fluently, and to encode (spell) words accompanied by different spelling rules. Students are also introduced to sight words. They are guided in writing phrases and sentences to prepare them for grade school writing activities.

Levels 9-17

Reading Comprehension

Grade school students who have difficulty in analyzing stories or text, and have poor grammar are placed in this level. This is where students are taught a variety of reading strategies and grammar rules using narrative and informative texts. This will help them become independent readers, enhance their vocabulary, and make them better writers. The difficulty of the skills and topics increases as they progress to higher levels. Students use different graphic organizers and worksheets to help target the skills needed.

Levels 18-28

Reading and Writing Enrichment

Students with good grammar and composition skills who wish to learn different writing styles belong to this level. Mentor texts and books are used as a springboard for the writing lesson. Students are given additional lessons on sentence conventions, construction and word choice, enabling them to effectively express thoughts and opinion in written form.

The Reading Advantage program is P 2,800 per month. The fee is inclusive of book-borrowing privileges.

How well does your child read and write for his age? View our reading comprehension and composition standards here.

"Sa Learning Library ako ay masaya dahil marami akong nababasang aklat. Tinuturuan nila ako magbasa at magmahal ng aklat. Marami na akong nabasa tungkol sa iba’t ibang alamat. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ko gustong gusto ko ang pagbabasa ng libro...."

Jared Villanueva, 10

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