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Success Story

"My son, Iñigo, started attending reading and writing classes at The Learning Library a few months before he turned four. I enrolled him there primarily because he did not like to write. After attending classes at The Learning Library twice a week for 2 years, my son's writing greatly improved. Through the aid of creative worksheets, learning became more fun for my son. There were some coloring, cutting and pasting involved in those worksheets which further helped him develop hand motor skills that are necessary for writing. More importanly, The Learning Library also helped my son to learn how to read, starting with the letters of the alphabet then gradually moving on to 2-letter words, to C-V-Cs and to more complex words. Thanks to The Learning Library, my son can now read simple sentences! Also, since The Learning Library also lets the kids borrow books from their collection, my son was introduced to the world of children's books and has developed a fondness for Dr. Seuss books. Now, he also enjoys reading them with me before bedtime. Once again, thanks to The Learning Library and to all my son's former teachers for those memorable 2 years and for instilling in him the importance of learning how to read and write. "
- Ms. Teeny Nolasco

"Sa Learning Library ako ay masaya dahil marami akong nababasang aklat. Tinuturuan nila ako magbasa at magmahal ng aklat. Marami na akong nabasa tungkol sa iba't ibang alamat. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ko gustong gusto ko ang pagbabasa ng libro."
- Jared Villanueva, 10

"My son Hanzo never liked writing nor did he allow me to sit down with him to teach him the alphabets and its sounds for that matter. My husband and I decided to enroll him in hopes that he would at least be able to recognize the alphabets and we thought everything else will be taught in his classroom. On the first day of his The Learning Library lessons, he was so into writing that he started writing on all the papers he could get his hands on! One month into his enrollment he already knows all the letters and its sounds. He sits himself down on the table to do his homework without even prompting him.  He no longer waits for me to start his assignments either. Needless to say, it was a wonderful decision to enroll my son to The Learning Library as it has benefited him tremendously.  This, partnered with his school activities and curriculum has been rewarding and beneficial for his future applications to bigger schools, and for my son in general."
- Ms. Rosina Zaragoza-Bakunawa

"May I say how happy I am with his [Lucas's] improvement in Filipino. He's been getting good grades and quite confident in answering Filipino worksheets now. Thank you very much for guiding and teaching him."
- Ms. Johanna Lao

"My 5-year-old son, Miguel, is currently enrolled in The Reading Advantage and Wika'y Galing! and he's enjoying both programs so far. His interest and initiative to read words on his own are more evident now. In Filipino, he's more at ease to use and learn the language than before, and he's happily embracing it. Give it a few more months and I know he'll be able to catch up well, thanks to the accommodating and attentive teachers of The Learning Library!"
- Ms. Gelly Dela Cruz

"The Learning Library has helped my daughter, Fortune, with Filipino. With fresh, enriched set of skills, she comes very confident back to school... The program really did instill in her a love for learning."
- R.J. Ledesma

"I enrolled my two girls in The Reading Advantage to help prepare them for big school. Julianna (Age 5) used to have difficulty in blending words. But after only two months, she's more confident and can read a book by herself. Jorgina (Age 4) started with the Getting Ready To Read program. Now she can already read short words. Thanks to the interactive and engaging approach of The Learning Library,reading is a fun and exciting activity for both of them. They will try to read everything and anything, from food labels to street signs."
- Kathy Cabochan

"I enrolled my daughter in The Learning Library because I wanted her to be an early reader. In a short span of time, she already knows all the alphabet sounds and can already write very well. This came from a child who didn’t recognize a single letter from the alphabet when she started. She looks forward to her twice a week reading class with her teacher, and says she enjoys going to reading class. I told her that she will still be having her reading class this summer, and I got a big smile. If she’s happy, I’m happy."
- Sherry Choa

"I enrolled my daughter in Learning Library's Filipino program last summer. She was quite averse to speak Filipino but I know she can understand the language. After the summer session, she gained confidence and was more "accepting" of the language which I felt was the jumpstart to appreciating the language more and to gear her up for Filipino subjects at big school. It was a perfect fit for her learning style because the program included stories and arts and crafts. Now in big school, she continues to be challenged by Filipino but she has opened up to speaking and learning more. Can't wait for next summer to enhance her appreciation of Filipino! Currently, my son is enrolled at the Early Reading program and he is enjoying it. It opened his ears to the sounds of the letters, often asking "what is the first letter of...?" when he encounters a new word. He often shares stories and activities in his classes when he comes home. The classes fire up his love for learning and new experiences."
- Alexie Ferreria-Mercado

"The Learning Library has taught my daughter Saras to be independent, confident and articulate. My expectations exceeded what Saras has become now. She learned to read and write... Teachers are adept in teaching skills and I am amazed by the connection they have made with my daughter and how they handled her. I would definitely recommend it to parents who want their kids to learn and at the same time enjoy reading."
- Cathie Siy-Placido